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Be as Great as we Allow Ourselves to be!

Each of us has the potential for greatness; we just don’t always realize it!

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From birth we are conditioned

(by our parents, peers, or societal institutions) to think in limited terms. Oftentimes, we learn from others that life is a certain way, should be a certain way, or shouldn’t be a certain way.

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The Truth Is,

we have the power to choose beliefs—empowering beliefs—that enable us to see ourselves for how we truly are: capable, gifted, and deserving Beings!

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Dedicating myself to helping others realize and achieve their greatness is what I do best.

Meet Marcus Lucy

When I was 19-years-old, my cousin died of congestive heart failure. He was just 29-years-old. This man played a significant role in my life, serving not only as a friend but also a mentor and source of motivation.

He was the person I always turned to for advice, support, and wisdom, and his passing had a profound impact; this loss inspired me to commit myself to honoring my cousin’s life and helping others improve their health in order to avoid my cousin’s fate.

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Marcus Lucy

Total Health

Mind Body & Fitness

True fitness is a holistic experience. You can't negate the mind and spirit if you’re to be wholly fit. When I work with a client, I tap into his or her spirit and psyche as a means of addressing fitness goals. By perceiving my clients holistically, I’m able to help them unleash their desires for health and wellness and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of their intentions to be fit.


Through this process,

I help my clients develop a fit mind—a mind committed to fitness, which naturally produces a fit body.
Establishing commitment and dedication to your ideas and thoughts is essential to staying the course. Focus on your motivation in order to bind yourself to the course of action, becoming one with your goal.

Marcus Lucy


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Fitness in the physical realm occurs in the fibers and cells of the body; in a series of mysterious and perfect physiological transactions, muscles flex, the body moves, and fitness progresses.

The Testimonial

“My experience with other trainers does not come close to the amazing results I have had with Marcus.”

Veronica Y.


“Choosing to work with Marcus has been one of the most important decisions of my life.”

Leilani G.


“He genuinely wants his clients to succeed in every aspect of their lives and does what he can to ensure that happens.”

Rita H.


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Our Services

"Don’t be a slave to old routines; remember that habits were formed and they can be broken. When you truly desire to change, nothing will be able to stand in your path. Take a leap of faith and invent new reference points."

Whatever your fitness goals—from losing weight to building muscle to improving your athleticism—I can help you succeed! My sessions are 60 minutes long and most of my clients train with me two or three days a week. I train out of a private gym located at 900 South Clark Street however I may be able to train you at your home or health club in certain circumstances.

its not about the money

Pricing Table

Sessions are sold in packages of 16, 24, or 32. The more sessions you buy, the less expensive each session is.

Packge 16


($95 per session)

Must train at least once weekly

Option of dividing the total package price into three payments

Clients that pay in full will be given one free sessions


Packge 24


($85 per session)

Must train at least once weekly

Option of dividing the total package price into four payments

Clients that pay in full will be given two free sessions


Packge 32


($75 per session)

Must train at least once weekly

Option of dividing the total package price into four payments

Clients that pay in full will be given two free sessions

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"Motivation is the first ingredient in achieving your goals. It is the key to achieving all things in life. Motivation is the WHY behind the WHAT; your goals are what you want to achieve and your motivation is why you want to achieve them. It is your reason for action. Understanding your personal motivation requires self-knowledge. You must gain an understanding of what your goals mean to you. Maybe achieving your goals will allow you to feel better about yourself or enable you to do other things that you desire to do. It is important to identify your motivation because when the journey to achieving your goals becomes daunting or difficult, your motivation will be there to remind you why working through this struggle is necessary."

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